The business in Carrer Nou, Figueres (Girona, Alt Empordà), formerly run by Josep Mension and currently managed by Lluís and Gemma Font, has more than 50 years experience. However, they stick to the sale of quality mattresses to fit every budget.

Besides the old business, Matalasseria Font owns other premises exclusively used as a showroom displaying upmarket mattresses. Like other sectors, the mattress business has also experienced progress, not without difficulty. According to Gemma Font, the first mattress to appear was the spring mattress, then, latex and lastly, memory foam combined with HR or spring. The sector, though, is seeing the emergence of natural elements, such as bamboo.


The history of Matalasseria Font, in Figueres, formerly known as Can Mension –with some nostalgic customers still calling it so nowadays- is especially evocative. Yet it is one of the oldest businesses in town, in all likelihood started at the beginning of the 19th century. In those days, Josep Mension’s father –who, in years to come, would transfer the business to Lluís Font- was a “baster”, a saddler, whose job was to make saddles to ride horses or alike. Slowly, the business rode the wave of progress, with Mension’s father starting manufacturing wooden mattresses and going on to see the birth of spring mattresses, when his son was already running the business. Mansion’s ancient mattress shop brought its long life existence to an end in 1993, when it was transferred to Lluís Font, who respectfully wanted to preserve the structure and genuine details which are witnesses to those old days that went by through this ancient shop in Carrer Nou. Now, his daughter, Gemma Font, has taken the baton –she has been in the business for nearly 9 years and she is now the current owner.